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Electronic menu for restaurants

The electronic menu is a software product that automates and optimizes the customer service process, reducing the "empty courses" of the waiter to 60% and reduces contact with customers to 50%.

There is a 10-inch tablet on each table, on which customers browse the menu and, after making their choice use the tablet to place their order.

The order made from the tablet is automatically sent to the waiter, to the kitchen or the wet buffet for execution and to the manager of the establishment for reporting and subsequent control.

From the electronic menu, customers are informed about the recipe of each dish, the content of allergens, for weight of each portion and price.

Through the electronic menu, customers communicate directly with their waiter, without the need for him to come next to the table.

The electronic menu has options with just one button to call the waiter,to send their bill, ask the waiter to order a taxi, or call the manager.

On the electronic menu, customers see their consumption so far and the amount they need to pay.

Thanks to the LUA scripting language, on which the electronic menu is made, the waiter's phone and tablets in the kitchen and the wet buffet can serve up to 10 customer requests in 1 second, ie. if 10 tables order at the same time, their orders will be accepted and fulfilled.

We offer the electronic menu for devices with Android OS.

You can download a short presentation of the electronic menu HERE. <

If you wish, you can download the Demo version of the electronic menu from HERE. <

Instructions for installing the Demo version of the electronic menu of a device with Android OS you can download from HERE. <

The electronic menu is adapted for each restaurant with its logo, font, photos of the dishes and the respective recipes and prices.

An Internet connection is NOT NECESSARY for the normal operation of the electronic menu.

The most important question: What is the price of the electronic menu?

We do not sell the electronic menu, but rent it out for the amount of € 50 per month for 1 table, so everyone a restaurant owner can multiply the number of tables by 50 and find out how much he will pay rent per month. In this way we are in constant contact with our customers and keep the electronic menu updated with new ones articles.

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Note: The English version of the site is still under reconstruction and when we are ready we will activate the links so you can download the presentation, demo version and installation instructions.

Thank you for your understanding.

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